Rescue Part 1: Connecting Your Beliefs to Financial Results

Beliefs Shaping Action

It may be surprising for people who care about financials so much (and if you know us, you know we LOVE financials), that the Foundation for navigating uncertainty is rooted in the mindset of leadership. We are seeing actions and results change dramatically based on the beliefs leaders hold, regardless of the number they see in their bank accounts. Don’t get me wrong, simply believing won’t change the outcome. Understanding what beliefs are informing your decisions has a real impact on your company’s performance through this uncertainty and long afterwards. 

Asking the Hard Questions

Stepping back to reflect, we would ask what your mindset is? What are the core beliefs you hold, shaping the actions you have been taking right now? An honest hard look to ensure your decisions are coming from a place of internal strength is just as important as making those same decisions from a place of organizational and financial strength. As we walk through some of the mindsets we’ve seen, ask yourself what your personal approach has been, and consider how that mindset has directly (or indirectly) influenced the results. 

What We're Seeing

Making decisions from a place of fear and anxiety have largely resulted in what I term a “ready-fire-aim” approach, leading to decisions without considering the true long-term impact to the organization. While often the decisions were right initially, now that the initial moment of panic and crisis is subsiding some continue to operate from this mindset and are finding themselves lost without a way to determine the right next steps. At the other end of the spectrum we saw organizations who were eternally optimistic, making statements like “I’m going to wait for revenue results before making any decisions”. This mindset has led many to a “wait and see” approach that can quickly put organizations and leaders in a reactionary, or even complacent position. Being aware of your mindset and how that influences the decisions you’re making is an absolutely essential, but not sufficient step to address the challenges we’re all facing right now.

Process to Help

No matter what your current mindset is, a strong process will support you to make decisions from a place of strength and prepare to take action for a bright future. I couldn’t be more excited to share the three components of the rescue process in the next post that have helped so many of our clients, and how you can apply or validate these concepts with the decisions you have been making over the last number of weeks.

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